Thursday, March 25, 2010

T minus 24

Letters to the first-year Class of 2014 will make their way to the post office today to be sealed and stamped before dispersing tomorrow to the far corners of the country and the world. For everyone anxiously awaiting a decision, we’re just as anxious to give one to you. The Admission Committee has spent the last four and a half months reviewing, discussing, agreeing, disagreeing, and ultimately deciding on who will receive a space in this year’s class.

For the numeric-minded, here’s how the process shaped up: Grinnell accepted 1211 first-year students this year for one of 400 spaces in the freshman class. A total of 48 states and 50 countries are represented in the admit pool this year. Domestic students of color make up 27% of the admit group; international students make up another 9%.

Good luck making your college decision in the next few weeks. If you were not admitted, you might be interested in this timely Wall Street Journal article on college rejection. It’s a good reminder that success is determined not by what institution you attend, but by what you choose to do with the opportunity to educate yourself.


  1. Mr. Allen, What was the acceptance rate for the Class of 2014? 1211 students accepted out of how many applications?

  2. We received 3199 total first-year applicants this year and admitted 38%.

  3. Thank you for the info, Mr. Allen.
    It always boggles me as to the relatively low application numbers to such an amazing school.

    I hope to see you in person this fall.